Echo – Impulsive Urban Entity

eVolo 2016 Skyscraper Competition

Collaborative – 2016 winter

Teammates: Masoud Haerie, Farbod Hamidian, Saedeh Sadeghi

Magnetic City

drop2Nowadays cities are multi-level and multi-aspect, there is not a main quality or quantity. Different factors interact and overlay each other in the creation of a space. Green spaces and parks, streets and subways, walkway and nodes, cultural and religious centers in neighborhood and etc. Each element has its own influence on the quality of the city, it absorbs and disperses people. The most critical parameter is the human presence. It is like magnetic field based on people’s needs and tendencies which allocate different qualities and measurements to each location ( x, y, z ). Measurements interact with each other and create a field, which has omnipotence an impotence toward the human presence.




In the 70s the buildings were all hardware-oriented. cables, pipes, and ducts were the obligatory vessels for our needs to connect to the world (water, power, phone).


With the advent of cellphones, there was a new layer added to cities: electromagnetic layer.


Electromagnetic waves have brought data everywhere and created a new sense of connecting to the world. The internet, now, is not a phenomenon but is a layer of context in our modern cities.


Wireless power and accessing water using air humidity will be available in a few years.


Soon enough there would be new ways of connecting to the world and sharing resources and needs.


Interaction of these different layers can be depicted as a measure of human presence potential. which is very similar to a magnetic field. Every spot has its own vector influenced by different layers and different parameters. This constantly changing potential can be detected, and buildings or a part of them can change based on it.


The culmination of these responsive buildings can add up to an impulsive urban entity, which by its nature, is regardful of every and each layer of context around it. People, buildings, cultural centers, transportation centers, ways, trees and etc.

Shinjuku tower – kenzo tange – transformed


Shinjuku tower divided into 3 parts: facade, structure, and spaces the facade and structure have been left unchanged and spaces are represented as a black fluid which is responding to energy fields defined in 3d space based on the context in Shinjuku area and the original form and structure of the building. The real-time changing situation changes the magnetic field constantly and accordingly changes the black fluid.

Upper levels of Shinjuku towers are dedicated to hotel and lower levels are used as offices. local specifications in the program can influence the presence potentials and accordingly the fluid. The analyzing program can understand the needs of people by observing their actions and movings in the space. The analyzing program has dictated two separate clouds, each of them with their own specification. One centralized cloud for hotel and one decentralized for offices.


Some factors are more stable, some are not. like changes in daily lives of people and changes in temperature which their affection on the field is different through the day. Since the entity is flexible and completely dependent on the field, every change in the field can affect the entity on every scale. The time frame is not an issue, presence of each person which lasts a few minutes, working hours of days, and also annual ceremonies or once in a lifetime occasions, all can affect the field, simultaneously.


Ferrofluids are fluids which are sensitive to magnetic fields. They form spikes in direction of the magnetic field lines. Physically, they respond to all magnetic fields. Experimenting with them can present how flexible and productive can fields be and how easily and simply they can interact with multiple factors at the same time.

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