SOSAges: Introduction

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April 16, 2020 - 1 minute read
SOSAges Houdini

SOSAges is a collaborative art initiative co-founded by Ardalan SadeghiKivi, Armin Rangani and Shervin Azadi. SOSAges aims to represent the process of de-constructing and reconstructing the environment that is surrounded with, as an art-piece:

This is not a manifesto and SOSAges is not a project, nor a product. This is a conglomeration of ideas & opinions about a consistent state of mind that characterizes SOSAges. SOSAges does not utilize, nor is it utilized. However, it is continuously affecting and being affected by a network of associations. SOSAges emerge out of endless deconstruction and reconstruction of reality, a reality that is not necessarily based upon a SINGLE universal truth. SOSAges extols complexity and respects ambiguity as to the natural reaction of humans to the complexity and the purest driving force. SOSAges chooses an internalized and present infinite loop over an externalized and obscure chicken-and-egg formulation when it comes to intellectual suicide. SOSAges is the state of constant exploration 4 different perspectives of a fragmented world, frames that are byproducts of this exploration, formed as a flow of alternated memories of people, places, and stories. 5054935 is being exercised in an absolute absence of any coherent rationale. SOSAges is a journey, and this the first frame of it.