About Me

Shervin Azadi is a researcher/developer based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He holds a BSc in Architectural Engineering from the University of Tehran, & MSc in Architecture (cum laude) from TU Delft. He is currently a researcher at Design Informatics Chair in TU Delft.

Shervin’s main interest lies in the systematic understanding and utilization of complex inter-relation of spatial qualities and the socio-economic context. He primarily focuses on computational simulations that reveal the intricate details of these complex relations. He has developed algorithms and tool-sets such as topoGenesis and emergentium.io for spatial analysis and simulations. Nevertheless, his current research investigates the potentials of a mathematical/computational formulation of the architectural design process as a series of decision-making processes, leading to a Computational Generative Design process. More specifically, he looks into the possibility of Multi-Agent Systems and Participatory Games as generative interfaces for design.

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